Chhote Saahibzaadhe - Cutting our Hair

This is one of those stories that will undoubtedly make you cry just as it made the Singh who was telling the story cry and the sangat in the dharbaar saahib cry...

In India around the year 2006/07/08, there was a young Singhni, she wore a dastaar (turban) and had a full Sikh roop (image), she did her paath (prayers) and followed Sikhi properly. She had earned herself an interview for an air hostess job. Now, an air hostess job is a really good money making job, however, you have to look like a model to be able to get the job. So this Singhni thought to herself, "I'm only going to get this job if I look the part as well", so she decided to go to the salon and get her hair cut so that she could look like a model, she had decided that she would do this job for 2 or 3 years and then she can get back into Sikhi again after that. So she went on her way to the salon. As she was walking towards the salon entrance she heard a voice, "oh daughter, do not go there", the Singhni looked back and saw nobody, so she took another step forward, she then heard the voice again saying, "do not go there daughter, I beg you", the Singhni looked back again but still saw nobody, and so she continued walking to enter the salon when she heard the voice for the third time saying, "oh daughter, I am begging you do not go there, you have no reason to be going here", and so the Singhni looked back for the third time and again saw nobody, so she turned back around to go into the salon and standing there infront of the door was an old woman with her arms spread out infront of the door, she told the Singhni, "Please do not to go in there, you do not belong here!". But the Singhni had already made up her mind and moved the old woman's arms out of the way and entered the salon. The old woman waited outside. The Singhni had now completed her makeover, her hair was cut, everything was done and she now looked like a model. On exiting the salon the old woman stood crying infront of the young woman who was now not a Singhni anymore, the old woman said to her, "So you've cut your hair? You've gone and murdered them have you?!?". The old woman told her to look behind her, as the young woman turned round and looked back, she saw two dead bodies of Guroo Gobind Singh Jee's Saahibzaade just lying there, they were physically lying there, right infront of the young woman's eyes. The old woman was crying and crying and said, "You killed my sons! My brave sons! YOU killed them! YOU killed them!". The young woman instanly dropped to the ground and lay there unconcious for 12 hours! Finally somebody picked her up and she woke up in hospital and told everybody what had happened, and since then she has never turned her back on her Guroo.

At this point, the whole Sangat sitting in the darbaar sahib at Sikhi Camp began to cry, only some did not, and that was because they did not understand the story because it was being told in panjabi by a Singh.

Is this what Sikhi has come to? That we have to see the dead bodies of our brothers, of the Saahibzaade in order to help us keep us close to our Guroo? Please! Open your eyes and wake up!

So you see, our hair is not just something that we 'have to keep', it is extremely sacred! Guroo Gobind Singh Jee told us that it is the most sacred thing a Sikh has on their body and should be taken care of to the highest extent, and should be given the highest amount of respect! But ask yourselves, do you do that? Do you comb your hair and then save it to burn or do you just throw it away in the bin?

When Guroo Gobind Singh Jee had just fought a war, the shaheed singh's (martyred singh's) bodies were lying on the floor with their dastaars (turbans) off and the hair was uncovered and everywhere. Guroo Gobind Singh Jee was with some Singhs and as he saw this he took off his shoes, and a Singh said to Guroo Jee, "Guoo Jee, why are you taking your shoes off? Leave them on because there are broken swords and weapons and all sorts of sharp things on the floor, you will definitely hurt yourself", and Guroo Jee replied, "My Sikh's hair is on the floor and uncovered, if I step on them by accident with my shoes I will be greatly disprespecting Vaaheguroo (god)". So you see, Guroo Gobind Singh Jee did not care if he was going to get hurt as long as the hair of those shaheeds was respected.

So please take something away from this true story, which only happened a few years ago! All we need is respect and realise the truth.

Dhan Dhan Shree Guroo Granth Saahib Jee Maharaaj, Mere Pyaare Pyaare Maharaaj...