Majnu and the Muslim Man

As we all know Laila and Majnu were deeply in love. They were real people and had the love that a bhagat has for his creator. One time, a Muslim man was going to do his prayers, so he opened up his mat and began to pray. As Majnu was deeply absorbed and imbued with Laila’s love, he did not realise when he walked in front of the Muslim man who was praying. When the Muslim man saw Majnu walking in front of him while he was praying, he became very angry as he felt it was very disrespectful for him to do that, so he yelled at Majnu to come back, and so Majnu did. The Muslim man asked Majnu, “Why did you walk past me as I was praying? That was very disrespectful of you, what is wrong with you?!” Majnu replied, “I am engrossed in a worldly and materialistic thing which is Laila’s love, so I see nothing except for Laila and I think of nothing but of Laila, and what I am doing is a worldly thing, and yet I still did not notice you there. But you, you are supposed to be engrossed in the love of god! And yet YOU of all people were distracted by me? If I am engrossed in worldly affairs so much that I do not see the rest of the world, then how is it that YOU who should be engrossed in the love of god CAN see the rest of the world? On hearing Majnu’s reply, the Muslim man fell to Majnu’s feet and praised him.

If a person who is engrossed in worldly affairs can erase the world from his mind, then surely somebody who is engrossed in god can, with a greater ease, erase the world from their mind as god is not materialistic.