Bhagat Ravidas Jee and the King

One day, a king who was a believer in Bhagat Ravidas Ji decided that he wanted to be blessed by Bhagat Ravidas Ji, so he went to his little house and asked Bhagat Ravidas Ji, “Bhagat Ravidas Ji ji, kirpa karke give me shakti, give me blessings”, and so Bhagat Ravidas Ji was very happy upon hearing this. Bhagat Ravidas Ji had a large, wooden bowl next to him in which he kept water and leather in so that the leather he would make and repair shoes with would not go hard and would stay soft. Bhagat Ravidas Ji said to the king, ok I will give you what you want. So he cupped his hands and scooped up a handful off water from that wooden bowl and told the king to drink it. Now, the king thought to himself, “I cannot believe this; he wants me to drink the water from that dirty, disgusting bowl? I will not do that! That would make me a chamaar and bring me down to a very low level! Well, I cannot say no to him now, what shall I do? Hmmm… I know, when I drink the water from my hands I will let it drip into my sleeve and pretend I am drinking it! Yes, this will work, he will never know.” So the king got the water and pretended to drink it as he let it leak down into his sleeve. Now, obviously Bhagat Ravidas Ji knew what he had done as he was a bhagat so there was no hiding things from him. When the raja left Bhagat Ravidas Ji’s small home, he went to a clothes washer and told him to wash the dirty water which had spilled into his sleeve. The clothes washer then went home and had a load of washing to do, so he got his young daughter to help him, he gave her the kings clothing to wash, he told her this is the kings clothing, so I want you to really put some effort into it and get the stain out. Now, the girl was only little, she was young, so as a young kid would do, she put the sleeve in her mouth and tried to really get the stain out, as she did this she accidentally drank some of it and instantly became brahmgyani! She had attained the knowledge and wisdom of god without even earning it! Once her father realised what had happened, word got out to the rest of the people and soon everybody was talking about it, the king also heard and he then thought to himself, “I will go to Bhagat Ravidas Ji and ask for forgiveness and ask him again for this blessing.” So he then went to Bhagat Ravidas Ji and said he was sorry, and asked for him to forgive him, he then asked for the blessing once again, but this time Bhagat Ravidas Ji said, I am sorry but I cannot give you the blessing which I was offering you first, all I can now give you is Naam. What I was offering first was everything, you had all the Naam and kamaayee, you did not need to put in any effort to earn the knowledge of god and his creation. However, all I can give you is the Naam, you will have to earn the everything else yourself. With this the king went back to his palace extremely regretful.