Bhagat Ravidas Jee and the Gangaa River

One day, two religious Hindu men were on their way to the Ganga river (the river of Mata Ganga) where they would bathe and throw money in with the belief that in return they would receive blessings. As they were on their way they went past Bhagat Ravidas Ji’s house where they met him, he asked them where they were going and they told him to the Ganga river. Bhagat Ravidas Ji told these men to give the Ganga river a dhamaraa, which is a coin worth much less than a penny, these coins are not used anymore. On receiving the dhamaraa from Bhagat Ravidas Ji they thought ok fair enough, we will throw this in the Ganga river for you. Bhagat Ravidas Ji then said to them, “Do not throw this coin in the river, I want you to offer this coin to the Ganga river, if a hand comes out of the river to take this coin from you, then give it, otherwise bring it back to me.” On this note the two men went to the river to fulfil their daily duties. Once they had bathed and thrown their money into the water and did their prayers. One they got out of the water they remembered about Bhagat Ravidas Ji’s dhamaraa, so they got the coin and went to the edge of the river and said, “Mata Ganga, Bhagat Ravidas Ji told us to offer you this coin, and only to give it you if you take it from us, otherwise we shall have to take this back to him”. To the two men’s surprise, a hand emerged out of the Ganga river! The men put the dhamaraa on the hand and then the hand went back in the water and brought out a bracelet for the men to give to Bhagat Ravidas Ji. This bracelet was no ordinary bracelet, it could never be found on Earth or anywhere in this world, it could only be found in such spiritual worlds where the demi-gods were at. The men took the bracelet, holding it they got greedy and thought that if they give this to the king then they will get lots of money and become rich! So the men went straight to the king and offered it to him in return of riches. However, the king’s wife said she needed the other one as she could not wear one on its own, the king demanded another one, as this bracelet cannot be found in the world they had to tell the king the truth of what happened and so the king instructed them to go to back and get another one. So they went to Bhagat Ravidas Ji and begged for another one, Bhagat Ravidas Ji said, ok that is no problem. He had a big bowl in front of him full of water, he put his hand in a took out another bracelet! The men were absolutely amazed and shocked! They immediately fell at his feet and became strong followers of Bhagat Ravidas Ji. But what was the meaning of this story? Bhagat Ravidas Ji showed the men that there is no difference anywhere you go, if you can get a bracelet from the water in the Ganga river, then you can also get the bracelet from any water anywhere just as long as you have the belief and trust in god.