Bhagat Sarvan and his Parents

Bhagat Sarvan did not get his name from meditating on god’s name. He earned this title a different way. You see, Bhagat Sarvan’s parents were both old and blind, they were also bhagats. They were unable to do anything themselves, and as Bhagat Sarvan was so loving and respectful towards his parents, he did their seva every second of every day. One day, his parents said “We would like to go on a yatra (which is a journey to different religious places.), but we are too old to go so we shall not go.” Bhagat Sarvan replied “Why do you worry about not being able to go? I am here am I not? I shall take you there.” So what Bhagat Sarvan did was he made a piece of equipment which allowed his mother to sit on one side and his father to sit on the other side, a long wooden stick connected these two seats together and Bhagat Sarvan would balance the middle of the stick on his shoulder. He then took them on this yatra, one day during this yatra, at night his parents became thirsty and so he went in to the forest to find some water for them. As it was dark, it was difficult to see everything clearly. Bhagat Sarvan did not know that his uncle was hunting in that forest right by him. His uncle then saw Bhagat Sarvan, not realising who it was and thinking it was a dear, he shot an arrow at him, his uncle the went to see the animal which he had shot, only to see that he had actually struck and arrow in his nephew! He held Bhagar Sarvan in his arms saying how sorry he was, but Bhagat Sarvan said, “There is no point in crying now, what is done is done, however, I need you to do one thing for me”, he told his uncle where his parents were waiting for him and told him to find some water and give it to them as they were thirsty. Holding his nephew in his arms, he watched Bhagat Sarvan breathe his last breath and went to get the water. On retrieving the water he rushed back to Bhagat Sarvan’s parents and offered them water, his parents said, “Sarvan, is that you? Why are you not talking? Our Sarvan can talk, who are you and where is our Sarvan?” The uncle then confessed and told them what had happened, that he was hunting and thought it was a dear but it was actually Bhagat Sarvan. Upon hearing this, the parents refused the water and said, “We will die before consuming that water. Just as you have separated us from our loving son, you will be put in the same situation with yours”, a while later they breathed their last breath as did their son. Now Bhagat Sarvan’s uncle had a son whose name was Ram Chandhar, when Ram was punished and sent to the jungle for 14 years, his father, who was Bhagat Sarvan’s unlce, could not bear the separation from his son that he committed suicide by falling off a high tower. Just as Bhagat Sarvan’s parents had said, the uncle would himself be in that situation on day. As I said at the beginning of the story, Bhagat Sarvan did not earn the title bhagat by meditating on the name of god, but by actually seeing god in his parents.