Bhai Mati Daas Jee

Guru ji's sikhs had love for their sikhi, bhai mati das ji who was with guru tegh bahadur ji travelling to anandpur sahib, were on their way to accept their shaheedi. This is the history of anandpur.

Who would give clothes, money and shelter to someone who really needs it? They say "this person is a stranger" why should we give anything? But dhan guru tegh bahadur sahib ji maharaj laid down his life for hinduism despite not being a hindu himself. How great is that sikh who sees all as one? Guru ji, Bhai sati das ji and bhai mati das ji changed dharam. They showed sikhi in its true form. They showed love for vaaheguroo's creation. They gave shaheedi.

When Bhai mati das ji was waiting to be shaheed his captors asked him, what is your last wish? What do you want? The pyaaraa khaalsaa jee replied "Yes, there is something I want so very much, but it is no worldly need. I do not wish to meet any family member, any relatives or friends. As you cut through me like a piece of wood, when the saw begins to cut through my head I wish to be facing towards my great, beloved satguru!

Ask yourself this saadh sangat ji! What kind of person can still love the person who brought death upon them? Bhai mati das had so much pyaar, he had so much love for his guru and sikhi that he could not live without seeing guru ji even at the time of his shaheedi!

Saadh sangat ji, let's start looking within our own minds from today, people who are after alcohol are walking as far away from guru ji as they can. Do veechaar! Let's not be those who are fake! Those shaheeds, those gursikhs who were put in situations where death faced them, even at that time still did not want to break away from their pyaaraa satguru... Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Pyaare, vaaheguroo...