The Pond Full Of Milk - Problems with the Panth

Once, a king told his workers to dig a pond. Once the pond was dug, the king made an announcement to his people that one person from each household has to bring a glass of milk during the night and pour it into the pond. So, the pond should be full of milk by the morning. After receiving the order, everyone went home. One man prepared to take the milk during the night. He thought that since everyone will bring milk, he could just hide a glass of water and pour it inside the pond. Because it will be dark at night, no one will notice. So he quickly went and poured the water in the pond and came back. In the morning, the king came to visit the pond and to his surprise, the pond was only filled with water! What had happened was that everyone was thinking like the other man that “I don't have to put the milk in, someone else will do it.” 

Now, lets think about us for a minute......

We too think that there is no need for us to be rehatvaan, do something for the Panth and neither do we show any interest in Panthic issues. That's not our job...someone else will do it. But imagine....if everyone started thinking this way, what would happen to our Panth?

The fact is that we constantly blame that there is no 'Panthic Body' who will resolve the issues of the Panth, we constantly say that the SGPC is full of politics and all of its decisions are politically rather than religiously motivated. But, what do we do? The state of the Panth is so because of us. The Panth needs's us and only us who can bring about positive changes.....we too can make a difference....

Will we help the Panth?

Jo Andhin Hirdhai Naam Dhyaavhi Sabh Janam Thinaa Kaa Safal Bheyaa.
Those who medidate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord in their hearts - their lives become totally fruitful.

Oay Aap Tharay Sarisat Sabh Thaaree Sabh Kul Bhee Paar Peyaa ll3ll
They themselves swim across, and carry the world across with them. Their ancestors and family cross over as well ll3ll