Let Go

“My toy broke!” shrieked the little boy. Tears rolling down his cheek, he went to his mother to get it fixed. 

“....mummmmy.....mummy....” he was stuttering now.“Yes dear, what happened? Why are you crying?” asked the mother. She gently held the child and placed him on her lap. “Tell me, what's wrong?”

The child was much calmer now. He picked up an aeroplane. It's wing had been broken and was tilting to one side. “Look” said the boy. “It's broken! Can you fix it for me?” he asked his mother with hope. 

The mother gently spoke, “Yes, why not? Give the aeroplane, let me see carefully what's wrong with it”. 

“NO!” the boy started crying once again, “Fix it! I want to play with it. Don't throw it away mummy.” 

The boy grasped the plane firmly in his hands now and refused to give it to his mother.

Seeing this, the mother asked, “What makes you think I will throw it away? If you don't give me the toy, how do you expect me to mend it? I need to see what's wrong it first”.

“I don't care!” the boy said arrogantly. “Fix it whilst I hold it in my hands. I will help you”.

The mother agreed and started to mend it. But it was bound to take long and proved to be a difficult task, especially when the child would not give it to her to look at it.

Annoyed at how long it was taking his mother to fix the toy, the boy snatched the plane of his mother and said “Forget it! It's taking you too long. I will do it myself”. He walked away with the toy and tried all day long to mend it but with no success. Finally, he gave up, put the toy to one side and went to sleep. He had no hope left. It would never be the same again.

The next morning, as the child walked down the stairs, he noticed something different. He smiled and ran towards his mother. “Thank – You mummy. How did you mend it?”

The mother smiled and spoke gently, “When you went to sleep last night, I looked at it and noticed that the wing needed to be fixed into a space on the side. It wasn't broken at all. If you had let go and let me see it, it would have been fixed last night itself.”