Hotline to Heaven

Came into work this morning and the telephone was ringing in some empty corner. Everyone could hear it yet no-one answered it. The poor old caller must have been waiting for a good few minutes before s/he gave up. A few minutes later it rang again, but before a colleague reached it, the ringing stopped.

Other calls get answered as soon as it rings, and at other times you have two people trying to answer the same walks over to it and the other intercepts with group pick up facility.

What has this got to do with naam?

Well, everytime we say waheguru with our pure mind, then rest assured that somewhere in Sach Khand, Akal Purakh has heard your call. It's upto Akal Purakh when the call is answered. We naam jap for a short time and as God never answered us, we lose concentration and mechanically carry on repeating Waheguru Waheguru but the mind has disconnected. Akal Purakh doesn't hear the ringing any more. Then we concentrate again and re-establish the direct line to the King of Kings, and Akal Purakh approaches you to answer, but by this time we are frutstrated or tired or hungry or thinking of some desire that wants to be fulfilled, so we slam the Waheguru phone back down on the hook and go do something else.

The saints have mastered patience and contentment. They will carry on ringing the Waheguru phone day and night, they wont stop until its answered. They have 100% faith it will be answered. Desires cant make them stop either because they have mastered contentment. Pain or Pleasure can'd distract them because they have mastered detachment.